OSTIM, one of the leading industrial areas of Ankara, is an SME city with an international brand value as a solution center for meeting national needs, with more than 6,400 enterprises and more than 65,000 employees operating in 17 sectors and 139 business lines


Turkey's leading suppliers at the Ostim Expo. defence and aerospace, rail systems, medical, construction vehicles, communications technologies, renewable energy and environmental technologies with the field of rubber technology, in addition to more than 300 of participation in a company from each sector allows


At the Ostim Expo’22 Virtual Fair : Block/hall/Stand system, sectoral categories, products, publishing, profiling, video & picture galleries of the world market with facilities such as the doors opened and digital marketing; digital leave a business card, send a message, meeting planning, B2B allows you to build business relationships with many amenities such as access 24/7. You can visit the virtual fair to further your business relations.

EXPORT OSTİM - Digital Database

Globalpiyasa.com we have created a technical infrastructure with exportostim.globalpiyasa.com at the address, we present our companies with current products, videos, images and requests to the attention of the visitor. Our virtual fair is enriched with cooperation offers and purchase requests. Communication and B2B infrastructure pave the way for business meetings. The export potential and production of OSTIM OSB companies are increasing every day.  addition to the virtual fair, you can also access our companies from our digital database.

Why Should You Visit ?

OSTIM OSB provides access to 300 participating company stands, providing access to commercial cooperation, product and service details, company image and video galleries. At OSTIM EXPO'22 Virtual Fair, you can establish B2B business partnerships, issue purchase requests, conduct competitor and market research, and take advantage of many advantages.

Digital Advantages

During your virtual fair visit, you can easily access the company stand of your choice from any sector with the Block/Hall /Stand structure. As a visitor, you can leave a digital business card when you visit the stand, visit encrypted and encrypted showrooms, and save the product or stand for later review. Start your virtual fair tour now with 24/7 access